◆ Hongchang Hong Building Decoration Group was founded in 2000, 17 years focused 

on the field of architectural decoration, and work hard, across the line.

◆ owned by Hong Changhong building decoration, Hong Changhong decorative design 

institute, Sheng family Bo, home Bo Yi Shang, home Bo Mei square five brands.

◆ The five brands cooperate with each other and operate independently, forming a brand,

 professional, industrial decoration group.

◆ Hongchang Hong architectural decoration group is committed to building decoration 

design, home design, construction, product integration, the national franchise chain 

business depth Development and operation promotion.

◆ Group uphold the improvement of environmental performance, with the arts to promote 

the progress of social civilization and mission for the industry to create the value of 

development in line with the times The industry cast a common platform for growth.



company add:Yongkang headquarters center Jinshan Building, 11th floor

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